TAP Pest Control Insulation in Los Angeles

Many homeowners are unaware of TAP Pest Control Insulation and its benefits. Well, Pest Control of Los Angeles is here to show you the ropes! TAP is a natural fiber patented insulation that has been treated with boric acid to produce an environmentally friendly insulation with pest control, sound-deadening and fire-retardant qualities. TAP Insulation can protect from such pests as termites, ants, cockroaches, silverfish and many other crawling insects. These pests cannot build up a tolerance to the insulation therefore the insulation will work as a constant pest repellent. TAP Insulation can be installed directly over the top of existing insulation or in attics, walls and even crawl spaces of new homes. In no time at all, TAP Insulation will all but pay for itself.

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TAP Insulation is a “loose-fill” insulation; when being installed, it is blown into the desired area. This way of installing the insulation helps to ensure that all of the nooks and crannies are taken care of. TAP Insulation fits right over your existing insulation like a blanket, filling all of the spaces normal insulation can’t get to. By having a more secure fitting insulation in your home, you are causing your appliances to work less when trying to heat and cool the home because less air is moving through the insulation. This in turn causes your energy bills to become lower, saving you money in the long run! While saving money when you switch to TAP Insulation, you are also helping to save the environment. Have you ever wondered where your paper recycling goes after it has been picked up? More than likely it was used to make your TAP Insulation! If you’re ready to put money back into your wallet and keep the environment clean all at the same time, give our Tap Insulation Los Angeles professionals a call today!

Here in Los Angeles, California it’s required that any technician installing TAP Insulation possess a Residential Builder’s License and a Pesticide License. Our Pest Control of Los Angeles technicians are fortunate to have all of these requirements and always have them on hand when on-duty. It is important that you, as a customer, know just exactly who you are working with and that you are going to get the best service available. When having your insulation installed or just having house work done in general, it is very important that you confirm that all licenses and appropriate name badges are available from the technicians so that you can feel confident about the service you are about to receive.

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Another quality of TAP Insulation is that it is perfectly safe to use around pets and humans. Exposure to the insulation is quite rare because of the areas that it is installed into, so really it’s safe no matter what! Are you ready to give TAP Pest Control Insulation a try? Are you in need of a reliable company to get the job done? Well look no further! Pest Control of Los Angeles is here to tend to all of your insulation needs. Give us a call today at (323) 745 1884 to speak with one of our experts about what we can do for you. Don’t hesitate; make the phone call today! You won’t be disappointed!