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Most people have consumed honey, and some of us enhance our diet regime by consuming beneficial bee by-products such as bee pollen. Even so, there are lots of assorted varieties of bees; which of them create honey, and what can other types of bees do?

There are nearly 25,000 known varieties of bees throughout the world, close to 4,000 in the USA, all of these are actually classified within the Apoidea family. These are separated into nine family groups, 4 that are little in terms of the variety of types.

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Most people are more used to one particular family of bee which consists of honey bees and bumblebees. Honey-producing bees are, clearly, honey bees and are pretty recognizable by most people. These bees are communal and dwell in large colonies which usually consist of upwards of 60,000 workers, a small fraction of drones and in most cases one solitary queen. Honey hives are certainly sophisticated in terms of habits and all round functionality; these bees operate for survival of their colony instead of for personal survival.

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