Pest Control of Los Angeles is proud to defend the residents of Los Angeles from bed bugs. Unfortunately, it appears Los Angeles bed bugs are increasing. Nobody knows without a doubt why there is a surge of bed bugs in our area, but we think it may be because of the greater trading of used household goods and the closeness of living quarters.

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We simply cannot think of anyone who wants bed bugs in their living areas. Bed bugs will make their presence known in a manner that makes it extremely hard to forget they are there. While you’re asleep, bed bugs will feed on you. Bed bugs feed on humans by pricking the skin with what’s called a stylet. You might know the term from the medical field but it’s also used to name the tool the bed bug uses to penetrate human skin. They literally saw through the tissue with this stylet to find blood vessels, then suck your blood five to 10 minutes before returning to its hiding place. The area on your skin where bed bugs have fed will usually swell and itch.

It’s generally challenging to locate Los Angeles bed bugs in your home. Bed bugs will often hide in small holes in fabric, such as your mattress, and only emerge at night time. A lot of people do not realize they have a bed bug problem until they wake up with tons of little bites on their body. Another indicator may be blood or spots of fecal matter on your bedsheets. It is best to call us immediately. Once you think there is a possibility that you might have bed bugs you should not sleep in your home until it’s been taken care of.

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