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You’ve arrived at the official site of Pest Control of Los Angeles! We’re a premier pest control business in Los Angeles, California that provides many rodent control, pest and exterminator services to the Los Angeles area. We appreciate that you always have faith in us in regards to protecting your home and loved ones. We’re proud to offer top-notch, complete pest control solutions to you.

Whatever the pest problem you’re having, give our experts at Pest Control of Los Angeles a call right now to wipe your concerns away! Our staff takes pride in being honest and qualified. We are consistently rated among the best pest control businesses in Los Angeles.

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We are here to provide the reliable and affordable pest solutions you deserve!

Need Los Angeles Home Pest Control Services?

We have a number of pest control professionals who are experts in household Los Angeles pest control solutions. Every single day we are helping people to get rid of the roaches, bed bugs, spiders, and termites. Have a pest that wasn’t mentioned here? If it’s not on this list, it doesn’t mean that we can’t help. Our pest control pros are qualified to eradicate any pest problem you’re having. Pest Control of Los Angeles delivers quality service at a reasonable cost. The certified technicians at Pest Control of Los Angeles take the well-being of your home and family very seriously.

Need Los Angeles Commercial Pest Control Services?

Are you a business owner within the Los Angeles, California area in search of commercial pest control services? We are here to help! Our commercial pest control technicians can handle any pest problem your business or organization might be having in the Los Angeles, California area. The experts in our commercial pest control division are qualified to provide a variety of treatments to businesses in the community.

Our customers in Los Angeles consist of restaurants, educational facilities, condos, retail businesses and even places of worship. We can keep rodents out of the important areas like the kitchen, prevent the gnats in your break room and eliminate the termites which might be killing your place of business. A majority of Los Angeles businesses understand the importance of having a pest-free and clean reputation. All it requires is one mouse uncovered during a health evaluation to have negative effects on a business.

The most successful companies won’t wait for a pest problem to happen prior to taking action. It’s vital that you take the needed measures to make sure you don’t have any pest problems by taking preventative action. We will draw up an action plan for the business based on past experience with many other organizations. Our specialists are taught to prevent disturbances to your business. Don’t fret, let us take care of the pest problems.

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We’d be more than happy to answer any queries you might have about any one of our solutions. Be sure that the pest control company you use to perform your pest elimination is experienced, is dependable, and is willing to answer any inquires you have. We’d love to resolve your pest issue, simply give us a call at (323) 745-1884 and we would be glad to give you an estimate.